A Call to Prayer



At GNFCW, we are burdened with the reality that the task ahead of us is vast, 

and unless we are faithful in prayer, we are more likely to maintain an attitude

of, "Lord, I can manage this alone." Honestly, we know that without the Lord,

GNFCW can do nothing. We firmly believe that one day we will find out that

every mission movement toward Muslims from every tongue, nation and tribe

and every conversion of a Muslim to Christ, were birthed in and accomplished

through prayer. If you believe in the power of prayer and what the Lord alone

can do, join us the first Thursday of every month in the office of GNFCW to

seek the face of the Lord for the salvation of Muslims.


 Please contact us at: 817-275-3413, or e-mail us at: info@gnfcw.com to

receive instruction on how to join us at our office.