Our mission is encapsulated in these four words: Reaching Muslims for Christ


It is the heartbeat of GNFCW to be faithful to the Great Commission mandate. We believe that God has called the Church to accomplish the task of evangelizing the world, including Muslims. GNFCW's mission is to serve the Church for such a task by:



  • Equipping the saints to witness to Muslims
  • Providing opportunities to witness on site
  • Developing materials for Muslim evangelsim
  • Discipling new converts to the Christian faith



To accomplish the task of evangelizing Muslims effectively and winning them to

Christ, our goals are: 



1- Sounding the Trumpet: Being watchmen and bringing awareness regarding

the amazing growth of Islam in North America during the last few decades that

has gone largely unnoticed by the evangelical church.  


2-  Equipping the Church: Fulfilling the great need for theological training and serious attempts to understand Islam in order to have an effective Christian witness


3-  Evangelizing Muslims: Assuming a balance between the instructional and modeling methods that is strongly needed and is the most productive in Muslim evangelism.


4-  Networking with Churches: Connecting with like minded churches, organizations and local believers so we can together rise up and get involved in a broadly based outreach to the growing population of Muslims in the United States.