Our History


Good News for the Crescent World has been established by Dr. Samuel Shahid

as a response to the arrival of the enormous numbers of Muslims to our

communities.The new situation imposed the need to provide theological training

and serious attempts to understand Islam in order to have an effective Christian

witness to Muslims in the United States.


Since its inception in 1987, GNFCW has instructed and trained numerous

of Church congregations, missionaries, Christian students and groups

in the understanding of Islamic beliefs and how to witness effectively to



For the last 28 years, GNFCW has utilized many means, including personal

contacts, literature distribution, media, satellite, and evangelistic material to

reach the Muslims and ultimately to win them to Christ.


Today GNFCW gives thanks to the Lord for the hundreds of conferences, seminars, and workshops that they have conducted, the thousands of Christians

who have received training, and the large number of Muslims who have converted

to the Christian faith through the ministry of GNFCW.