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GNFCW wants the people of God to have a deeper knowledge and hands-on training to build a solid friendship with Muslims to share with them the hope they can find in Christ. We pray that you will grasp a deeper understanding of Islam are as you read about GNFCW's ministry to Muslims.  



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1/25/2014   Declare His Glory Among all Peoples




12/5/2013   Christmas Letter

10/6/2013   Ministering to Muslims

9/11/2013   Banquet 2013

7/12/2013   Praying for the Middle East

6/5/2013     Prayer is a Battlefield

4/17/2013   Global Outreach

3/11/2013   Resurrection Day

2/14/2013   Vision for 2013

1/17/2013  God's Faithfulness in a Year




12/2/2012   Christmas Letter

11/7/2012   To Pray and Equip

10/9/2012   Privilege, not a Burden

9/14/2012   Banquet 2012

8/26/2012   God Wonders

7/15/2012   Praying for America

6/12/2012   Mission Trip to Lebanon

5/13/2012   Praying for Lebanon Mission Trip

4/11/2012   Trip to Mosque

3/24/2012   Standing in the Gap

2/11/2012   What Does it Take to Win Muslims to Christ?

1/11/2012   Praying and Reaching